​Wind & Kites, Shape: diamond (kites),
St Patrick’s Day, Crafts, songs, finger-play, St. Patrick’s Pokey, Match the Leprechaun cards, Shamrock Collage Showcase
Blend a Rainbow, Shamrock Shakers
(Positional word games)

 March “In like a lion; out like a lamb”
Chart the weather
Lion & Lamb crafts

Mixing colors, rainbows crafts, songs
The rainbow Pokey-music & movement

 Letters Qq, Rr, Ss & Tt
Quilting, rainbows rolling pin art, string & sponge painting, etc.
Dotting the letters
Magic letter bag
Letter, Poems & Projects

Numbers 7 & 8
Kites with tails (count the tails)
Shamrock games

 Spatial concepts: Near/far, over/under, around/through, up/down, top/bottom (incorporate themes for concepts: ex: shamrock under the table, through the hoola hoop, etc. Include all manipulative for hands on activities

 Name Recognition & Spelling of name
Beginning to cut with Scissor and write names


4 Year Old Program

LETTERS: Qq, Rr, Ss & Tt

Show & Tell
Charting Words from Show & Tell & Constructing Sentences with show & tell words
Letter Journal
Chart the letter & sound cards

 NUMBERS: 7 & 8
- Cut & paste sheets, 10 frames
- Manipulates- putting together (adding) & taking away (subtracting)
   Incorporate shamrock counting & kite counting and sets of 7 & 8
   Graph different color shamrocks and kites
   Pattern kites, shamrocks by color and/or kite, kite, shamrock / kite, kite, ___.
- Measurement- Begin units on measurements
- Identify & describe 3 dimensional shapes

Craft, music and game ideas

Near and Far
Thing’s that belong together and things that don’t belong together

Fine Motor Coordination
Copy a square, circle, triangle, rectangle with an x in the center
Spatial Form/Manipulation
Copy arrangement of three blocks – pegboard design – copy a simple design

Miss Joan: Dr. Seuss/Michelangelo/Air
Miss Gina: Dr. Seuss/ Jackson Pollock/Magnets
Miss Toby: Dr. Seuss/ Monet/Simple Machines