Miss Mella's Philosophy...


              "Pre-school is a journey, not a race"

          - Miss Mella

Miss Mella’s Footsteps to Learning started as a little farm house in 1991 and has grown to a “Home Away From Home” where a few thousand children began their journey.

Footsteps to Learning is a privately owned, licensed pre-school that offers children the warmth and values of a “Home Away From Home”  and at the same time gives the children the education needed to enter kindergarten with a strong foundation. Our children learn to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, independent workers and to discover their love of learning. We know how important these formative years are and our goal is to help each and every child develop and explore their natural curiosities of the world around them.

Children learn best when they have real materials they can manipulate and meaningful learning experiences. Through direct sensory involvement with their environment, children learn about topics that are personally meaningful and interesting. “Play is the essential ingredient in the development of a child. Play provides children with opportunities to model and attempt the actions they see around them. Because of the social nature of play, children build their oral language and social abilities as they construct knowledge and skills.” (Cited by Dr. Esther Fusco, PhD.)

While two and three year old children are mostly concrete in their thought process, four year olds begin to develop abstract reasoning skills. It is with this in mind that we give our children the opportunities to grow and reach their potentials not only cognitively but emotionally, socially and physically. We want them to leave here with confidence and self-esteem. We want their educational foundation to be strong so that learning is looked upon as enjoyable and that they continually thirst for more.

There is one common factor that all children globally share and that is the fact that they all love to play. When they are presented lessons that are fun and when children are allowed to be children, it is amazing how much they will learn. It is our goal at Footsteps to Learning to not only prepare them for kindergarten but to help prepare them for life. After all, these are the formative years of their lives and it is our responsibility as teachers and parents to work together for the future of our children.​

Miss Kelly
Director, Footsteps To Learning 

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.

-Denis Waitley